Sauchie & Fishcross UF Church

Easter Newsletter published April 2020

In case you can't access the document using the link here is Graham's message:

Dear friends

                   The times in which we find ourselves are surely unprecedented. As I considered the fear and worry which this situation has brought to many, I thought about the words of the psalmist. He writes, in Psalm 122 verse 7, “May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.” His words paint a picture of an ancient, walled city where there are good relationships within the city and confidence that no external force can break in and destroy or damage. Such words are, I believe, appropriate to the situation in which we find ourselves in these days.     

 I think that that is what we all want for our lives. We want to be at peace with ourselves. At the same time, we want to be confident that no external circumstance can knock us off track. At a spiritual level, this is the security which Jesus offers. Inwardly, He promises to make our lives complete so that we know spiritual peace. Outwardly, He has fought off the evil one and the other forces which would threaten us. He has completely defeated them. At Easter, we are reminded that Jesus even overcame death.

 I believe that we all need to find our security in Jesus. He can make us whole and He can ensure that we remain whole. He can bring forgiveness and hope and joy and purpose. And surely, when these things come from Him, then nothing, even the effects of Coronavirus, can separate us from them. I trust that such security might be known by us all.

 Yours in His name.

 Graham G Brown