Sauchie & Fishcross UF Church

Newsletter Summer 2021

Dear Friends

We seem to be in the season of anniversaries. We have just marked 70 years since the accession of the Queen to the throne. For all of us there will be personal anniversaries that we will mark. Some of these will ones that bring joy and others will mark sorrows that we have shared. 

In March we will mark the 90th anniversary of the opening of our church building as in faith Rev John Dunn and our forebears saw this Church firmly established. Few of us (if any) witnessed the opening of the Church but we will recall those who were an integral part of the establishing of our witness in Sauchie and recall the sacrifices and resulting blessings that came as a result.

There are more recent events though that we can all recall. Who can believe next month will mark two years since our worlds were turned upside down with the arrival of Covid-19. Who would have believed that we would have passed through such an experience and upheaval personally and as a fellowship of God’s people. We marvel at the way God has not only sustained us but blessed us over this period. Our enforced absence from worshipping together has allowed us to grasp how the people of Israel felt as they looked with yearning for the temple as they sang ‘How lovely is thy dwelling place.’ And how we rejoiced to come together once more.

Anniversaries though should never be an escape into the ‘good old days’ because our rose coloured glasses create a past that was never there. They do however cause us to pause and reflect and give thanks. And as we are reminded of the goodness of God to look forward in confidence to all that God has planned and willed for us. God who is faithful and who does all things well.

This year we trust and pray will be a year significance for us as a fellowship as we write another chapter in the history of our congregation and look forward to another face to add to the line stretching from John Dunn and into the future.

Martin Keane,

Interim Moderator