About Us

The congregation in Sauchie United Free grew out of a mission by Rev John Dunn in 1913. The current church was built by the congregation in 1932 and continued to grow under the ministry of faithful men of God.  The congregation is currently led by Rev Graham Brown whose fervent biblical preaching, grace and encouragement inspires us all to live  the lives God has planned for us.

We are a diverse group of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who share the desire to grow in God's love and to make that love known, particularly in our local community.  We seek to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to find new life in Jesus and to grow in it.

Picture of Rev Graham Brown with church elders 2015

Picture shows the Kirk Session in 2015

We are a congregation of the United Free Church of Scotland. You can find more information at ufcos.org.uk

Our Newsletter is currently produced four times a year. 

The commission to go and make disciples makes Mission an important aspect of our fellowship life.